Nonprofit Consulting

a1aa91c5c68b75ad5124e008ccd61659 Utilizing skills in outreach, accessibility, and disability advocacy,  our team is helping Club ABLE expand the reach of their organization to diversify its network of resources for people with disabilities.




Our team partnered with the Nile Sisters Development Initiative to identify and measure qualitative and quantitative sustainability efforts for a refugee-focused after-school program, 


highlighting the efforts for greater multicultural integration in the neighborhood, our team incorporated this information for grants.

South Sudan Christian Youth Community Organization Soccer Team

Our nonprofit development skills have helped the South Sudan Christian Youth Community Organization to submit proposals for multiple grants that demonstrate its value as a long term investment for grant makers.






Are you looking to add more programs or services to your nonprofit? Would you like some strategies for fundraising, increasing networks with businesses in the community or increasing members? Contact El Puente’s team at

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