Business Consulting

Building on knowledge in marketing, international affairs, international regulation, and consumer trends,

Retail Merchandise

Mother_Erth_COLOUR_LOGOIn a consulting role for Mother Erth, our staff develop relationships between Mother Erth and US boutiques and nonprofits, identify and engage like-minded complementary brands, and develop marketing strategies for discerning consumers across the United States and Canada.

Mother Erth weaves eco conscious fashion and women’s empowerment together. We re-purpose plastic headed for the landfill into beautiful and functional products. Mother Erth Handbag

Mother Erth links our talented female artisans with a sustainable livelihood that also radically restores our shared mother earth.

80% of items buried in landfills could be recycled.

We believe we can all make a difference.


Consumers make the world better, one bag at a time. When you purchase a Mother Erth bag you join a movement to empower mothers to earn a decent living and restore our environment.

Visit Mother Erth for more information and our products.



Craft Beer

El Puente Global Beer Logo

El Puente Global assists local craft breweries to better market their beers to local untapped consumer segments:

Pink Boots Society Logo

  • Access untapped consumers. Currently, El Puente Global is working with select local breweries in San Diego California to meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards to meet ADA compliance for consumers.
  • Evaluated cultural nuances of beer consumption and tastes for non-white and female consumers.
  • Assessed the global pulse for the craft beer movement in Latin America and Asia, resulting in a back page spread in Food Logistics Magazine to highlight challenges for refrigerated storage in Mexico and other developing markets.

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